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After the last hope allegiances?

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ThunderClan leader;Bramblestar deputy:Squirrelflight,lilypaw mc:Jayfeather, amberpaw

add on anybody!!!!

In my perspective:


Leader: Bramblestar

Deputy: Squirrelflight

Medicine Cat: Jayfeather-apprentice: Seedpaw

Warriors: Graystripe, Brackenfur, Cloudtail, Millie, Sorreltail, Thornclaw, Leafpool, Spiderleg, Birchfall, Whitewing, Berrynose, Hazeltail, Mousewhisker, Lionblaze, Foxleap, Icecloud-apprentice: Lilypaw, Toadstep, Rosepetal, Briarlight, Blossomfall, Bumblestripe, Dovewing, Ivypool, Cherryfur, Molewhisker

Apprentices, Seedpaw, Lilypaw

Queens: Daisy, Brightheart: Nursing Cloudtail's kits: Amberkit, Snowkit, Dewkit. Cinderheart: Expecting Lionblaze's kits

Elders: Purdy, Sandstorm, Dustpelt.



Kestrelsplash Graystripe needs to retire too.

Hes almost as old as Sand and Dust if you look in the wiki.

In my opinion Graystripe needs to retire.

Well, I actually, as another person then the one who wrote this, Briarlight should be Jayfeathers apprentice.

I know Graystripe needs to retire but in my point of view Millie doesn't want him to. But about 5 moons later, he does become an elder. Also, if Briarlight was ThunderClan's sole medicine cat one day, she wouldn't be very good because if there was an emergency, she would be really slow. I don't have anything against Briarlight though.--Kestrelsplash

All we know for sure is that Cinderheart is excpecting Lionblaze's kits, Bramblestar is leader and Squirrelflight is deputy. I agree that Graystripe should retire too. I'd imagine the rest, as there is no series post-The last hope, but Vicky said there might be a Bramblestar super edition. -Gorseheart

They need to contuine the warriors series after THE LAST HOPE! I like the dawn of the clans series, but another series after THE LAST HOPE! would be great.~ FireFang

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