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No,it was never comfimmed but many believe Lionheart is. I do believe it because Brackenfur and Thornclaw look like him.

Yeah, they do, and what other tom has a golden pelt?

Remember, it is not always the desire of the mother to tell who the father of her kits is, but i really disagree on the "Frostfur and Lionheart" idea.

I sorta like the idea...

It's unknown.

I think it should be so.


Likely.Besides Frostpelt's kits do look a bit like Lionheart without the mane.

- Moonfrost

It is Lionheart. It says on Wikipedia. At first I thought Frostfur's mate was Runningwind, but... well...

Im not on the Frostpelt and Runningwind idea.

Yes yes yes! Kate has finally confirmed it! Spottehwobble Like an angel came down and took me to heaven...

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