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  • Leechshadow Ghoulhound

    Not in any particular order. Not bashing on this wiki either, or any user, expect maybe myself.

    1: When someone answers a question, and someone replies to that answer, and they reply, and they reply, and it turns into a full-on conversation. That’s what talk pages are for, right? If it’s going to spiral into a chat, just head on over to that person’s talk page.

    2: When someone answers their own questions. I mean, why did you ask them in the first place? Just to answer it yourself? From what i’m told, it’s not against the policy or anything, but it’s definitely annoying and pointless, so I delete those. If I had a warrior for every time some fandom user or someone answered their own question, i’d be bigger than Starclan, including all the fad…

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  • Leechshadow Ghoulhound

    Please, for the love of Starclan, just read the rules. It’s not that hard.

    If you forget the rules, read them again.

    It’s what I do.

    Asking for names isn’t allowed anymore.

    The rules apply to you too.

    Here, i’ll even link it for you.

    Here you go.

    I’m done here, i’ve got questions to answer.

    Hopefully they’re not asking for names.

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  • WarriorCatGirl37

    New Infoboxes!

    March 1, 2019 by WarriorCatGirl37

    I've made some new infoboxes that you can put on your profile. What else should I add?

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  • Warriors Is The Best

    Warrior cats

    February 9, 2019 by Warriors Is The Best

    I am the biggest Erin Hunter fan you will ever meet. I have read all of Warriors, Seekers, Survivors, and Bravelands so far! I am new so don't say anything not nice about me. 

    Warrior games

    A way of playing warrior cats role play with other warrior fans!

    1. Download the Roblox  app and create an account.
    2. Search up Warriors.
    3. Click on Warrior Cats~ Forest Territory.
    4. Morph, name yourself, and create your character!
    5. Enjoy!

    Side Notes:

    • I really enjoyed this game because I made new friends and its a way of living a warrior life.
    • If there is any fights or issues, then just join a diffrent server.

    Thank You! Plz keep viewing my account!

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  • Windstar187

    Favorite Cats?

    January 19, 2019 by Windstar187

    Okay, so there may be a lot of favorite cats blog posts, but can you guys all tell me who your favorite cats are? Also, what are your favorite Clans? What is your favorite place that the cats have lived: Mountains, Lake, or Forest?

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  • Leechshadow Ghoulhound

    I’m talking about the Moonpool on the (new) offical Warriors website, the one that answers yes or no questions with a randomly generated response. I love it, but it also really, really annoys me.

    Yes, I read the disclaimer on the page.

    My first problem is that, at least for me, it takes ages to load. The question I ask is answered pretty quickly, but for me to ask another question again, it takes a loooong time to load.

    Secondly, the censorship. Oh Starclan, the censorship is ridiculous. I had the word “tortoiseshell” in my question, and it said something along the times of “go back The Dark Forest with your venomous words. Wth? First of all, rude, second of all, just why? I can understand censoring a curse word, I can understand a word like “he…

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  • MagnisidianSwan

    Ok, the title is self explanatory, so who spare your fav. cats? Write it on the comments below! Mine is Jayfeather.

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  • StoneWhisker42

    New FanFic!

    January 11, 2019 by StoneWhisker42

    I'm going to start writing my new fanfic soon. In fact, I already have!

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  • Sushicat7

    My favorite is Thunderstar, Redtail, Ravenpaw, Lightning Tail 

    What are your favorite cats? PLEASE comment!!!

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  • Sushicat7


    January 5, 2019 by Sushicat7

    hi i`m brand new to this so...

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