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  • Grudgeholderr

    Short Hiatus

    August 1, 2018 by Grudgeholderr

    I'll be on vacation until 15/08/18, and won't be edit much here.

    —|| Grudgeholderr ||— 13:49, August 1, 2018 (UTC)

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  • Hawkbreath

    Im back?

    June 18, 2018 by Hawkbreath

    Woahh it's literally been forever since I was on here.. like actually a few years probably and I miss it ):

    Anyways, so many things have changed and im just wondering like how's it going, how is everyone, WHO is active and stuff likeee what'd I miss haha. I used to have so many close friends on here and like whaaaat, it's just crazy being back and i'll probably have to re-learn how to do everything because I forgot.

    Please update me!!

    Music is my drug 19:36, June 18, 2018 (UTC)

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  • Berryclaw09

    Mates/Related Mates

    June 16, 2018 by Berryclaw09

    Meow! Im back again witha new annoucement. People have been asking questions about if some cats that mated were related or best mates! So i decided Im going to figure out all about mates or worst couples, and related mates. See yah!


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  • Grudgeholderr

    This wiki is pretty much dead :(.

    Warriors Cats Answers Wiki extremely lacks contributors. Though I am grateful for those who ask useful questions, we need many more people answering. Since the beginning of May, there have been nearly eighty questions asked; however, most answers are from the same people. In the same time period, I, and another user called Leechshadow Ghoulhound, have answered or edited nearly 800 times (175 from me; 623 from Leechshadow Ghoulhound), while the total of all other edits is only 119. That is less than 12% of all edits!

    We also have a shortage of powerusers. There are only two administrators (Patchfeather14 and Warriorlover12345) who are (semi-)active in this community, and neither one of them are bureaucrats. Perhaps …

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  • Dragonsarereal

    Ahhhhh! First blog yyyaaaaa! So excited! So, yeah. Anyway back to ecxitment! You guys should read this book sieries called gardians of ga'hoole and its awesome. Im on book 4! Its got 13 books in it! After youre done, watch the movie called ledgend of the gardians! Kay... bye!!!- Dragonsarereal#Imagine dragons all day bruh!

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  • Leechshadow Ghoulhound

    It hurts

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  • Leechshadow Ghoulhound

    I suck at spelling. I press the wrong key, I write the wrong word, I just suck at it. Autocorrect sucks even more. I haven't explained my true hatred towards autocorrect, and I don't plan too, it's a waste of my time.

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  • Vinecloudwarriorcats


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  • Thornsoul

    Thornsoul the Warrior

    February 17, 2018 by Thornsoul

    Hello and welcome to my Profile. I am Thornsoul, the warrior. I will talk about me of course, starting off with my kin. My brother is Deerfur and my mother is Branchtail, my father is a loner. My mate is Mosstail, and i have a daughter, Snow-whisker, i named her after my mother becuase she died right after Snow-whisker was born. Snow-whisker is currently deputy. My brother has a mate, Lilystar, And has kits, Falconstar, Sageheart, Dawntail, and Duskwhisker. Sageheart is blind and is currently medicine cat. Falconstar became leader after Rosestar. Rosestar is Lilystar's sister. And my daughter and Falconstar are mates. My brother died by falling off a gorge because he was pushed by a dog. I am currently in Starclan. I have Ragged fur. And y…

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  • Willowshimmer

    Do you have a kitten? I do! Her name is Shadow. As of today, she is three months. Now onto the tips!

    1. Don't let your cat lick. It is proven you can get sick.

    2. Don't let you cat near a keyboard, unless you want strange writing everywhere. 

    3. Buy her toys.

    4. Don't declaw, clip.

    5. For kittens under 4 months, feed  them Mama Cat/Kitten food. Avalible at Petco. 

    Want more tips? Just ask, and I'll put some on your talk page!

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