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Hey guys it's me ok so a cool clan names, are hallowclan leafclan frostclan marshclan and speedclan, here are the names for hallowclan, (t Tom sc shecat) Leader:fallstar(t) Deputy:windbbreeze(sc)

Warriors Tigerstripe(t) leaffall(sc) magneticfur(t) Apprentices Scardpaw(t) brigepaw(sc) softpaw(sc)

Kits 000

Mothers 000 sorry can't think of any more for the other three till next time


Leader: Mousestar - A light brown, mottled tabby tom with amber eyes

Deputy: Dawnlight - A light ginger she-cat with white underbelly and paws, and blue eyes.

Medicine Cat: Fawnwish - A pale brown she-cat with yellow eyes.

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Palebelly - A tortoiseshell, ginger-and-white she-cat with a light ginger belly and blue eyes.

Elders: Fuzzyface - A cream, persian descendant tom with amber eyes.

          Jaggedwhisker - Gray tabby tom with unkept whiskers. Formerly known as Lightningwhisker.

Queens: Vixenfall - Ginger she-cat with darker paws and amber eyes. 

            Cloverleaf - Brown tabby with amber eyes.

Warriors: Nettlespring - Silver tabby tom with green eyes.

             Reedpool -  Black tom with with a chest and ears.

             Cinderflight - Dark gray she-cat.

             Honeyfeather - Ginger she-cat with a scratched muzzle.

Apprentices: Littlepaw - White tom with brown tabby patches and amber eyes.

                   Finchpaw - Hazel brown tabby she-cat with a lighter underbelly and tail tip.

                   Kestrelpaw - Golden-brown dappled she-cat with blue eyes.