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Yes, Tigerstar did receive nine lives. On the warriors website, a similar question was asked, and the answer was that his lives were probably given by cats such as his mentor Thistleclaw, and ShadowClan cats who thought he would become a good leader. Cats from the Dark Forest cannot give lives to new leaders. Tigerstar lost all nine lives at once from a very bad injury in Darkest Hour. It is a slightly violent scene, and if you have problems with reading about blood or death, I recommend you skim over it. The important part is Tigerstar once had nine lives, but now he is dead in the Dark Forest. Duststar

Don't read this if you are sensitive!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tigerstar lost all of his nine lives at once when Scourge ripped him open with one slash of his reinforced claws.

I think he got his lives from: Leopordfoot (Mother) Thistleclaw( Mentor) His sisters (Nightkit& Mistkit) Flowerpool-A tortishell and white she cat

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