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  • Courage, given by Lionheart. Killed by Scourge in The Darkest Hour.
  • Justice, given by Redtail. Died in battle against rats in Firestar's Quest.
  • Loyalty, given by Silverstream. Lost helping Ravenpaw in The Heart of a Warrior.
  • Tireless energy, given by Runningwind. Killed by a falling tree while helping ShadowClan in Dawn.
  • Protection, given by Brindleface. Killed by a fox trap in Leafpool's Wish.
  • Mentoring, given by Swiftpaw. Died of greencough in Long Shadows.
  • Compassion, given by Yellowfang. Killed by a fox trap shortly before The Fourth Apprentice.
  • Love, given by Spottedleaf. Killed fighting Russetfur in Fading Echoes.
  • Nobility, certainty, and faith, given by Bluestar. Died from his injuries from fighting Tigerstar during the Great Battle in The Last Hope. (Final life)