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We are unsure what his name was before, but when he was a kit, he and Oakheart were playing and he permanently twisted his jaw. Hence, his name. his warrior name was crookedjaw.

No..All of that is wrong whoever said that......

His name was Stormkit.  He was chased by the Thunderclan medicine cat goosefeather to sunningrocks where he broke his jaw.  Rainflower (the mother) felt no sympathy and asked Hailstar to change his name to Crookedkit. Crookedkit is left distraught by this.  He is curious of his destiny and tries to travel to the moonstone.  But he got lost and ended up at a barn where he stayed for a while.  Mapleshade, an evil ThunderClan she-cat, talks to Crookedkit in a dream, and asks him to make a promise to be loyal to RiverClan above all other things. Crookedkit did not understand what he was promising when he made his pledge.  Throughout the novel, Crookedkit, who becomes Crookedpaw and then Crookedjaw, begins to realize what "sacrifices" he has to make because of what he promised Mapleshade. He tells her he doesn't need her help, but she says she is only doing this for his own good. She sends an omen, making Crookedjaw deputy. Then she kills Hailstar, making Crookedjaw leader of RiverClan. She meets him when he receives his nine lives, with the words "We did it!" Crookedstar tells her to get out of his way; he regrets making the promise. But Mapleshade says she will follow him wherever he goes. Brambleberry says that Mapleshade wasn't responsible for all the death in his family and clan. Finally, when Mapleshade "kills" Willowbreeze, Crookedstar's mate, Crookedstar demands to know from Mapleshade why she is doing this to him. Mapleshade tells him her story, and promises to keep haunting him until his dying day. Finally, when Mapleshade "takes" Silverstream's life, she visits Crookedstar to tell him his "punishment" was over and that she was "avenged".  Sorry I went on but THAT is what really happened....  (partial thanks to Wiki) 22:34, November 29, 2013 (UTC)Emily Mercaldo

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