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They put some of endings to the frist and decied what one sounds best. Well they also take things about the cat like say Cinderheart for the dead cats (Because she is a reincarnation and sorry about bad spelling)

Warrior names are usually decided by the cat's appearance, personality, or objects of nature that are in that cat's home territory.

  • FIREHEART - He has a fiery personality
  • DOVEWING - her pelt is gray like a dove, thus inspiring the name, Dovewing
  • HARESPRING - there are hares in WindClan territory, which spring using their hind legs
  • DAWNPELT - her fur is creamy like the color of dawn
  • CROOKEDJAW - he has a crooked jaw
  • ETC.

Love is friendship set on fire 22:06, August 17, 2014 (UTC)

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