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It is not known whether Hollyleaf is dead or alive

No one is currently sure if she is dead or alive. There are rumors are both statuses going around, so we'll just have to wait and see!

She's alive. It's in Sign of the Moon. One night Jayfeather and Lionblaze go into the tunnels to find her body. They don't find anything but they do manage to find a tuft of her fur. They assume she's alive because if the rocks didn't trap her she must be alive. They assume she's still out there but it's unsure wether she is or not. Later in the book Ivypool and Blossomfall are helped out of the tunnels by a dark cat. It's unclear if this was her or not. --❄ Blizzardpelt ❄Freezing in the Summer! 18:04, July 20, 2011 (UTC)


Hollyleaf dies in The Last Hope saving Ivypool from dark forest warriors. ~~Shockjay~~[[Category:YES HOLLY IS ALIVE. if she just lost belief i starclan and simply died like scourge, then, thats that.but if starclan considers her evil, ivypool woud notice her. if starclan let her come, then jayfeather would see her in his dreams at the moonpool. other than those facts-about-death, she is alive.]]