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Flamepelt, Orangeflower, Goldendawn, Brightdawn, Reddawn, Dawnfire, Sunpelt, Sunsong, Firesong, Redmist, Poppyheart, Redpoppy, Redflame, Flamesong, Redfire, Bluefire, Redleaf, Shiningblaze, Goldenflame, Hawkstrike, Brightfire, Firesun, Reddapple, Blazecloud,Goldenwing, Goldenspirit, Sunmist, Flamesong, Firegaze, Sunflower, Darkfire, Dawnspirit, Shiningspirit, Shiningfire, Blueflame, Flamegaze,Mistybird, Mistyblaze, Mistybriar, Mistybright, Mistyclaw, Mistyfrost, Mistyfur, Mistynose, Mistymooon, Mistypetal, Mistypool. .:*Silverstar*:.