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i have no idea now go get a life noob

Hey! That's not nice. I'd that kit names aren't exactly easy to make creative...:*Silverstar*:. 

Shut up! If anyone on here needs to get a life you do!! You should just go die in a sitch  and kill you Firebutt mom too for giving birth to you!! Hawkbreath]] *Swoop Swoop* 17:14, August 7, 2013 (UTC)

The person who asked this is just simply asking a question, we all get it you hate Warriors! You have stated it so many times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just stop, we are all sick of it! How would you like it if you liked something alot and then we kept calling you names, or telling you to go jump off of a cliff? Now to answer this person's question: You could make up lots of cool names, for example Marigoldkit, Mistystar's kit. Here are some names I came up with: Butterflykit(orange she-cat with identical spots on each side of her body), Flykit (very tiny black tom), Rainbowkit (long haired calico she-cat),  Bushkit (tom with very fluffy brownfur) Cheetahkit (very fast she-cat with a spotted pelt) -Leopardfire01

The person who said that rude answer please get off the computer and go to sleep little kid it's past your bed time. You need to stop these mean comments, if you can't even answer a question politely you shouldn't be on here.