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There are several cats in both Modern and Ancient SkyClan

-Current SkyClan Cherrytail Shortwhisker/Hutch Petalnose Echosong Leafstar Patchfoot Skywatcher Sharpclaw Sparrowpelt Rainfur Clovertail Rockpaw Tinypaw Bouncepaw Sagekit Mintkit -Ancient SkyClan Cats Cloudstar Buzzardtail Fawnstep Birdflight Fernpelt Mousefang Nightfur Oakpaw Spottedpelt Gorseclaw -Other SkyClan Cats Pricklenose Lowbranch Twig ____________________________________________________ Man, Leafstar has SOME trouble with names. I mean, Sharpclaw, Fawnstep, Birdflight, Bouncepaw? Weird names.~Kittycat79

Actually Fawnstep and Birdflight were ancient Skyclan so Leafstar wouldn't have given them their names because she wasn't alive yet.

I like Birdflight and Fawnstep. Buzzardtail, Mousefang, Shortwhisker, and Bouncepaw are the weird ones. She has issues. LOL

Sharpclaw was named by Firestar. The only wierd names are: Harveymoon, Macgyver, Harrykit, Billystorm, and Snookpaw/thorn.--Cleverpelt

Here is a complete list of all the known SkyClan cats. --Ivy Rarity 83 06:32, March 15, 2013 (UTC)

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