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Warriors is a book series Erin Hunter. Erin Hunter is actully four people. Victoria Holmes, Kate Cary, Tui T. Sutherland, and Cherith Baldry. Warriors is about cats in four clans Riverclan,Thunderclan,Windclan,and Shadowclan. It also has the tribe of rushing water, loners, rogues,kittypets(house cats). It has the orignal series, new prochery, power of three, and omen of the stars. The plot of the series of battles with other clans and adventures. The characters train from being apprentices to become warriors or medicine cats. Once they achieve this rank, they get a new name. There's a whole long lasting adventure throughout the series, and even if you don't like to read, I suggest you try out the first book, Into the Wild.

Actually, Tui left and Vcky now only works on the e-books. Spotteh a retarded, beloved user who edits regularly :D

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