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  1. The Dark Forest, sometimes called the Place of No Stars, is a place where cats that have died go if they are so "bad" that they aren't accepted into StarClan. They train living cats to get revenge on the Clans, but after the battle, few cats remained there. Some of the members are Mapleshade, Tigerstar, Hawkfrost, Silverhawk, Thistleclaw, Brokenstar, Antpelt, Clawface, Darkstripe, Maggottail, Redwillow, Shredtail, Snowtuft, and Sparrowfeather. The cats that trained there (this goes for any time in the series) were Ivypool, Mousewhisker, Blossomfall, Thornclaw, Birchfall, Brambleclaw, Thistleclaw, Lionblaze, Goosefeather, Ratscar, Redwillow, Tigerheart, Applefur, Beetlewhisker, Hollowflight, Minnowtail, Icewing, Crookedjaw, Hawkfrost, Breezepelt, Sunstrike, Antpelt, Furzepelt, Larkpaw, and Harespring. Yes, it was revealed in Crookedstar's Promise that Goosefeather trained in the DF.

~ Gingerheart