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Jake is a kittypet that lives within the Twolegplace. It has been confirmed he is the father of Firestar and Princess, as well as the father of Scourge, Socks and Ruby.

Jake is a plump, ginger tom. He also has amber eyes, with a red collar.

     -Answered by an "Unregistered Contributer" known as Tigerclaw8 in ""

Jake is a kittypet that lives with twolegs close to the forest. He is mentioned a few times is Bluestar's propacy so he's pretty old. Jake is likely to be dead. If you've read the rise of Scourge, The mother cat missed him and did not want any of her kits to go in the forest. So one of the possibal answers is that a Clan cat killed him. He is also a father to two or three litters of kits.

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