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i think so i thought up this whole theory, there is going to be a battle that firestar and brambleclaw die in, lionblaze is going to save them with his special power, and they, being the remaining cats, want him to be leader, but jayfeather says to lionblaze that he cant have too much power, and a starclan warrior will say to jayfeather to reveal the truth about cinderheart being cinder pelt, and that starclan says that she should be the new leader, and then when she goes to the moonstone starclan will only give her 8 lives because she is already on her second, being the reincarnation of cinderpelt. the deputy will probablly be thornclaw or lionblaze. lionblaze can be the leader too, i suppose. so its possible for cinderheart or lionblaze.

Lawd. Cinderheart does NOT become leader after Firestar. Spottehwobble Like an angel came down and took me to heaven...

Brambleclaw is leader after him ~

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