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Eventually he must die, like all cats, though i think the erins are keeping him alive because he is the heart of thunderclan, the fire that saved the clan. And frankly, a very important character who is strong, and wise. It would also prove that sandstorm, graystrip, dustpelt, and all the other Sr.. warriors are getting old and weak. he will die in the omen of the stars

He will die along with Brambleclaw who gets killed before Firestar. The Timing is most likely to be in Omen of the stars, Since the Erins have already written his death scene.

- Moonfrost

Why does everyone think Brambleclaw will die?? And how do you know they have written Firestar's death scene already??Dustpelts


Brambleclaw will not die. He becomes Bramblestar, and chooses Squirrelflight, his mate, to be his deputy. Firestar loses his last life in The Last Hope. ~Fuzzytalon

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